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07 July 2017

Wereldwijde barbecue trends

In eigen land steken een paar producten er met kop en schouders bovenuit: de zijn de speklapjes, allerhande worstjes en spiesen en natuurlijk de hamburger.

About Van Loon Vlees

Van Loon Vlees is a professional and internationally operating meat company. We deliver a wide range of meat products to retailers, producers of ready-to-eat meals, and food service companies.

 “There is always room for improvement” is the Van Loon Vlees motto. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation – in every respect and on every level. We apply the latest technologies and devise innovative product and packaging solutions. We have a tight-knit team of employees and a genuine dedication to sustainable business practices. All of this is done with one goal in mind: to offer you, our customer, the best possible service. Experience our working methods and products for yourself. Choosing Van Loon means choosing quality. And, equally important, an exceptionally pleasant working relationship.